We are constantly exploring or creating. We want to turn Danang into Southeast Asias craft beer paradise.

A combination of Pilsner and Wheat Malts with a classic American Hop that add hints of floral and spice. It then gets a hefty addition of fresh local Tangerines that deliver a beautiful refreshing fragrance and citrus blast.

Type: Wheat beer

Aroma: Floral and spice

Flavor: Fresh, light and citrusy

Pairing with: Pairs well with Vietnamese food, seafood and summer favorites

4.2% ABV - 16 IBU

Beach Blonde Ale

Bright, refreshing and crisp, our Beach Blonde Ale is the perfect beer for a day at the beach or an evening with friends. Gently hopped with Willamette hops, the king of aroma hops, to lend a spicy, floral and fruity note to a simply great beer.

Type:Blonde Ale

Aroma:Wheat and honey

Flavor: Bright and crisp with honey- like notes

Pairing with:Pairs well with almost everything

5.5% ABV - 45 IBU


Full of intense and fruity hop aromas, this bright ale is everything a true hophead loves. Masterfully executed without compromise, extra strong, perfectly balanced, and made with all natural ingredients.

Type:Double IPA

Aroma:Fruity and Floral, hints of citrus

Flavor: Robust body and hop flavor that is uniquely smooth for a big double IPA

Pairing with:Meat and fried dish

9,0% ABV - 50 IBU